My Walmart winter  box just arrived, not too far from the fall box I received about a month ago.  But I think that is because I was a bit late with ordering that particular box.  The boxes are intended to be seasonal, and arrive at least 3 months apart.  No complaints on my end, you guys know I love receiving treats.  Take a look to see what I received this time around:





Walmart sure does like sending me lotions and body washes.  I have enough travel size lotion to last me for the next 4 years.  LOL

But no complaints on my end especially with how cold it is, and how dry my skin can get.



I tried this color on and I did not care for it one bit. I love a good nude but this one just did not make the cut.  I looked dead and pale, no-bueno. I will keep it just in case I end up doing one of my girlfriend’s makeup for a night out on the town.


I got another one of these muscle relief packets.  I have not used the other ones I received only because I need to purchase some type of foot bath/spa.  I think I saw an great one in JC Penney’s, so as soon as I remember to actually purchase one, I will give these a shot.


I am not a Loreal fan, nor do I want my hair straight for another year or so, so these will NOT be getting used.  And to be honest, as thick as my hair is, these small packets won’t do much either way.

If you like what you see then head over to the Walmart website here and sign up.  Ya can’t beat $5 for small goodies that last for a while.


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