It has been so disheartening over the past couple of months to hear these horrific stories about small children dying at the hands of their loved ones.  And from the way it’s looking ACS has not been too helpful either to say the least.

These beautiful, harmless, cutie pies have been getting abused for God knows how long and finally their bodies couldn’t take it anymore.  Of course I don’t condone random violence, but if you have some anger issues, and want to attack someone,  why can’t it be someone who can defend themselves, ya know, a person your own size.  How dare these thugs, these criminals, these menaces take the life of a beautiful infant or child??  Its unacceptable, it’s barberic!!

I personally think that certain people (and I do mean certain) people know their limits, they know if they are mentally capable of bringing a child into this world and caring for it for the rest of their lives.  So if you don’t feel like you personally fit that description, then either stop having sex, or stop having kids.  Don’t bring them into this world, treat them horribly and without a bit of remorse, especially since none of them asked to be here.  Some people may not agree with this, but NOT EVERY WOMAN IS MEANT TO BE A MOTHER!  JUST LIKE NOT EVERY MAN IS MEANT TO BE A FATHER!


And I mean that is EVERY way, not just beating them.

I am talking to the parents who hear that their kids are bisexual/gay, and either disown them or throw them out on the street.  There is no way in hell I would willingly give my kid up just because of his/her sexual orientation.  Your kids have to deal with closed minded, evil, conniving spirits out in the world, how dare you condemn them, to the point where they don’t feel safe at home?  There is a saying that states that “you are suppose to have peace in two places: your home, and the grave”; and if there is no peace in your home, then something is wrong.

You should be in their corners cheering them on, and letting them know that they are no different than anyone else.


I am talking to the mothers who let their boyfriends or significant other, rape or molest their children.  Talk about this subject with your kids so they know it is not THEM that has done something wrong.  90% of these incidents happen by family members or close friends, who know that they could possibly get away with it.  I have way too many friends that this has happened to, and their mothers either did not believe them or swept it under the wrong.  I had one specific friend that this happened to, and her mom pretty much let the molester continue to live with them because she claimed she needed his money for bills.  I have never been more disgusted in my life, but this happens everyday and we need to find a better way to keep these kids safe.


I am talking to the adolescents or teens who at such young ages, think they have nothing to live for and kill themselves.  And in this day and age, there are a couple of them doing this horrid act via live stream on social media.  I would love to actually be able to control cyber bullying, but it just isn’t possible.  Computers make it so easy to be anonymous all while spewing hate and lies, starting rumors, turning your friends against you, and chipping away at your self esteem.  These kids today are brutal.

I know it may sound like such a cliche’ saying but the children really are our future, they replicate what they see or hear, we have to set the example.  If we don’t then these problems will become a cycle and continue from generation to generation.



  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Everyone is not fit to be a parent. I was abused as a child, and ended up pregnant when I was 15. I made a promise to myself I would end the cycle of abuse in my family, and not inflict that pain on my child, or blame him for my life’s decisions and/or problems. He’s almost 20-years-old now, and going to college to be a writer. We have a great relationship, and I’m very proud of him. I’m so glad I chose not to be an abusive parent, because to me it’s a choice. In my family they like to excuse child abusers by saying: “Yeah, he/she took after their Mama/Daddy.” But being a child abuser is not a genetic or hereditary affliction, so I don’t want to hear that as an excuse anymore.

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    1. omg hun I am so sorry that happened to you. I dont think some people realize how frequently it happens. I am so glad that you went a different route with your son. I always say that you are either going to follow in your parents footsteps or go against the grain. and you decided to be better and I love that so much, because it’s harder to actually NOT follow the cycle. we tend to puch too much under the rug, how the hell is molestation or abuse a genetic thing?? when did that start?? I must have been under a rock when that happened.
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your story. I appreciate you queen xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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      1. Thank you very much for listening and responding. I’m really glad I saw your site on my reader. Some people, old school Black people included, don’t recognize the importance of mental health care and counseling. People will often drink excessively to dull their pain, when alcohol is a depressant, so it actually makes things worse. They also don’t seek out counseling services, which in many cases can be a free community service, so that can have someone to discuss their issues with. I did it on my own as a young teenager. I HAD to considering what I had gone through.

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      2. my pleasure love, i am glad you cam across it as well. I was like yayyyyyy another follower/friend on here 🙂
        I think counseling can always help, but certain people think that counseling are for nut jobs when that totally not the case. Its for anyone who needs an ear from an outside perspective.

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