Sometime before Christmas I purchased a black waist cincher from Amazon.  Let’s just say that it was

a little gift to myself.

It is called “Yianna Waist training corset/waist body shaper”




(Photo credit: from amazon.com)

I ordered an XL and it was the perfect fit.  Of course the first few days were rough, because I could only keep it on for about 2 or 3 hours.  Which is not bad, for these types of products you want to ease up to the amount of hours that you can wear it.  If you have not worn a waist cincher before then its best to start wearing it for about an hour, and then as the days go on, you should end up wearing it for about 6-8 hours.  You have to treat this like a full time work day  HA HA


I was a little nervous about the size chart because when buying things from Amazon, items run very small because it comes from China, but after reading the fine print, I realized that this item should fit as expected.  So once I read that, I realized that this size chart is not for your entire body, but ONLY for your corset area.  Amazon really has an immense amount of fine print that you have to comb through, and I have no problem with that only because I do not like to return items, I want whatever I get to fit so I can go on my merry way. I am way too lazy for the back and forth I would have to figure out with shipping.

So with me being about 200 pounds (shhhhhhhhh I am working on that, no judgement), my height being 5’8, my waist being a 34, and the fact that I have a back roll or two, I decided to go with the XL and that was the best decision.  Just this week I realized that the first hook was not as snug as it was when I first started, so I am now on the second hook.  And as I said earlier, I have only been wearing it for about 2-3 hours, and maybe in about a week or so I will be up to 6-8 hours.

This is me wearing the above cincher (on the second hook)



It tickles me that I look like I have an hourglass shape with this on, but when I take it off, I look like Patrick from spongebob squarepants.  Sad sad times

But I guess that’s the whole point right?

Have you ladies ever wore a corset of some kind or do you plan on buying one?  Tell me your stories

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