The sad part is I can’t even remember how I came across this beauty box, but nonetheless I am quite excited.  Ya’ll know I love lil treats, and what do I love more than my treats??  Showing them off to you guys, so hopefully I won’t end up being the only overly obsessed makeup buyer here.  Yeah that’s right, misery loves company, only difference is I am NEVER miserable when I get my goodies, but you guys get the idea.

Take a look at my treats from Beauty Box 5:




Style Essentials Lip Glow

This sheer gloss is very natural, and is great for a quick makeup look



Jean Pierre Cosmetics: Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask

I don’t know why I see Kylie Jenner when I look at this, but I digress



Marsk Mineral Eye shadow: Vanilla Frosting

Can’t even explain how excited I am to use this for a night out on the town.  I hope people can see me from blocks down.  LOL


Tint Liquid Lippie & Lip Pencil

These 2 don’t quite match with my complexion, I pretty much looked like a clown.  But it got added to my kit, and hopefully I can use it on someone with a lighter skin complexion


So Susan Colour Hybrid

This can be used for lips as well as rouge for your cheeks.  I have to be honest, I would never use it on my cheeks because I am not a fan of blush (in any texture), I prefer highlighter.

Have you guys tried this box yet?

If not, do you plan on signing up?  Let me know!

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