After realizing that these 2 stores were not too far from where I work, I had to take a little trip to see what goodies I could pick up.  Both are located in the lower level of the 59th Street Columbus Circle train station.  If you live in New York, then you know that station used to be filled to capacity with homeless people, but I must admit they’ve cleaned it up.

Take a look:


Can I just say how cute this little E.L.F bag is?  It was so big for just 3 small items but no complaints from me, because this will get used in the future


The only cream eyeliner that I’ve been consistently using is black.  So when I saw this, I thought I’d give it a shot, try to add some bright bold colors to my look.


Since I love to do my eyes, eyelid primer is always needed.  I also got this mascara shadow shield, which is helpful because sometimes I prefer to just use about 3 to 4 mascaras, rather than add lashes. And this helps because sometimes my hand is not as sturdy as I would like it to be, so this small tool is useful so no mascara gunk gets on my face.


Besides my eyes, I also love doing my lips, so in order to make sure they are as smooth as can be and ready for product, I try to exfoliate at least twice a week.  My previous lip exfoliators were usually from Sephora; this was my very first trip to Lush.  The employees are so nice, and they are very knowledgable about their products, so I have no complaints.



I thought this was the best thing ever.  On the bottom of all of their products they have the name of the individual who actually made it at the factory.  Not only that, put it also informs you on when to discard the product.  I literally need this on every product I have because sometimes you are just so unsure.  I would hate to throw something out that I could have used for a longer period of time.  Lush gets an A+ from me.

What are your fav products from these 2 amazing lines?

3 thoughts on “MY E.L.F & LUSH BEAUTY HAUL

  1. I have tried the creamed liners from elf, and I like them! Efl is stepping up their game in the makeup dept as of late, and I am here for it! I went to Lush for the first time last year. I am a bath girl, so I am always looking for something that smells good to elevate my bath experience. I didn’t get any of the skin products, but the bath bombs are heaven! You are absolutely right about the knowledgable associates there….they really know their products! Enjoy your mini haul mami!!!

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