I’ve been searching all over for the perfect pair of glasses, I’ve been on the hunt for about 6 months or so.  When I was younger I always liked to buy the cute pricey glasses, usually Coach, Gucci, Versace, you name it.  Maybe it’s my age but I can not find the energy or strength to spend $400-$500 on a pair of frames, it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Especially once you realize you were most likely doing that to fit in.  The funny thing is when I purchased new glasses that was the most money I ever spent on anything, I was so cheap back then.  To be honest not much has changed, HA HA.  Eventually you get tired of trying to live a Jay Z life on a MC Hammer budget.  So not too long ago someone mentioned the store Warby Parker and how cheap their frames are, so I thought I’d give them a shot.

I didn’t want to just buy any ol’ pair of glasses, so I decided to do the “take home, try-on” option they offer.  On their website you get to pick 5 frames that you like, Warby sends them to your address, you try the frames on, figure out which one you like the best, and then send all 5 glasses back to the store.  Out of the 5 I received, I liked a pair named Collis the best, so I sent them my prescription and got my glasses about 5 business days later.  What is the best thing about all of this??  All glasses at WP are only $95 (for single vision), and $295 (for progressive vision).  My prescription was a bit high so I opted for the high 1.67 index frames for an extra $25, so my total came up to $125.  Not bad right??  Quite a change from what I used to spend in my younger days.

Take a look at my new frames:

What do you guys think??

11 thoughts on “MY NEW PAIR OF GLASSES

  1. I love those frames! I have a hard time finding glasses as well. For the past 10 years I’ve bought men’s frames. My vision is really poor, so I spend a small fortune for all of the upgrades to the lenses. I’ve had good luck at Visionworks. If you use a computer a lot, I would recommend high definition lenses. I’m an accountant, so I’m on a computer all day.


    1. thanks hun, men’s frames?? I have never thought of that, I have bought mens clothing and even footwear but never thought of getting mens frames. You may be on to something. I never heard of visionworks either, I think i will take a look, thanks for this info 🙂

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      1. You bet! I like the men’s frames because they are bigger than the women’s. Plus the men’s styles seem to match my wardrobe better. I’m in Wisconsin, so Visionworks just might be in the Midwest.


  2. I don’t wear glasses but those look very nice on you. I have a lot of friends that wear glasses and when they pick out a pair that isn’t good for them, I definitely take notice!! Also, when you said you needed to stop living a Jay Z Lifestyle on and MC Hammer budget, I laughed.. I appreciate humor within post. Thanks for writing.. Keep it up!!!

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