I’ve been a V.I.P Shoedazzle member since October 2016, so I am still fairly new but I love it.  I have received such cute items and I have no complaints.  Ever month between the 1st and the 6th, they provide you with a showroom, which is a collection of apparel, and shoes that you can choose from. You are then charged $40 a month with the credit or debit card of  your choosing.

What I love about this site is, they give you the option to “skip the month”, so if for some reason you don’t approve of what you see in your showroom (or anywhere else on the site for that matter) you can skip that month and save $40.  Not bad right?  If interested, take a look at the site click here and see if you want to purchase some treats for yourself or if you’d like to become a member.

Take a look at the purchases I’ve made since joining:

Jazlynn (tan booties)

Aziza (dark brown boots)

Viviana (silver flats)

Rylan (rust boot)

Willow (black boot)

Carter (burgundy purse)

Giomara (navy wedges)

Now that I look at these photos, it’s safe to say that flats and/or sandals will be in my cart for the next couple of months.

5 thoughts on “I AM A SHOEDAZZLE GIRL

  1. Visually these shoes are amazing☺ I know you haven’t been a member for long but what would you say about the quality and durability of these shoes?


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