This month around, Birchbox wants its loyal subscribers to know how magical this box is.

So let’s take a look to see if they’re right:

Amika (Nourishing Mask)

I have a protective style in right now so this may not get used on my hair for a little bit

ModelCo (Lip enhancer illusion lip liner)

I used this over the weekend for a nude natural lip

Liz Earle (Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser)

This product won’t get used on my face for a bit, only because I am on a ProActive regimen and I don’t want to affect any progress I may have by using other products.  However, I am a bit excited to try this, I feel like the cloth is why I want to give it a shot.  HA HA

Davines LOVE (smoothing Shampoo & conditioner)

I swear between this subscription and the many other ones I receive, I will never need to buy shampoo or conditioner again.  Once again once my hair is taken out of this protective style, I will be trying this out

This Works (Deep sleep pillow spray)

I sprayed this on all of my pillows last night before I went to sleep, and I must be honest I usually wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and I did not.  No complaints

What do you guys think?  Was this a magical box?


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