It’s that time again, I’ve received my Spring Walmart subscription box.

Take a look at my treats:

Palmers Coconut Oil (Luminous Hydration Facial Oil) & (Facial Moisturizer)

I’ve used both of these oils right before going to sleep.  They are so smooth and smell amazing, but then again all of Palmer’s products usually do smell great.

Biore free your pores (Baking soda acne scrub)

I will not be using this for a bit because I am using ProActive at the moment and I choose to not use any other products while on this facial regimen.

Jergens Natural Glow (wet skin moisturizer)

This is almost gone, I use it almost every time after getting out the shower.  It leaves my skin so smooth and soft.  This is one product that I will consider buying.

Gliss Hair Repair (Shampoo & Conditioner)

Have not used these yet but I am looking forward to it, they smell amazing.

John Frieda’s Frizz ease (Daily nourishment conditioner)

I have heard so many good things about John Frieda’s products, so I can’t wait to try this out.

Has anyone tried any of these products?  Are you subscribed to Walmart’s beauty box?  If not, you should give it a shot


  1. Wow I didn’t know Walmart had a subscription box, I wonder if anyone on YouTube had done videos on them. I haven’t tried any of these products but I might want to try that Jergens wet skin moisturizer

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