I have been natural for about 7 years now, and I must say, I don’t miss the creamy crack in any way.  I just prefer big, huge, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan type hair.  I don’t like how I look with straight hair, my head is just too long and straight hair never suited me that well; I looked boring and just like everyone else.

I always either have braids, crochet, twists, or wearing one of the may wigs I own. Let me first clear up this stigma a lot of people have towards wigs.  I have a ton of hair, it’s extremely thick (see below), which is why I choose NOT to deal with it.

But some folks assume that if you have thick long hair that you CAN’T wear wigs.  I constantly hear: “why do you even wear wigs?  You HAVE hair”.  Who started these fabrications?  Making people think wigs are specifically for the bald, someone with no edges, or someone with short hair.

After looking at those photos, you tell me who would have the energy to deal with that every day?  I wear wigs because I get bored easily (gemini life) and I like to change up my style constantly.  If I choose to wear blonde hair on Monday, red hair on Tuesday, purple hair on Wednesday, and teal hair on Thursday, then I can easily do that with different wigs.  But would I honestly be able to pull this off with my natural hair?  NEVER.  You show me one person on this planet who can dye/bleach their hair every other day, and I will show you a super hero.  HA HA

14 thoughts on “MY NATURAL TRESSES

  1. thanks hun, took a look at your article, i loved it. Your daughter is a cutie pie and I know how it is togo back and forth with the decision to stay relaxed and go natural..Its sad that others around around us judge or dont understand but thats what makes me want to be more of a hair

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    1. It’s also hard to instill this in a child, they want to be accepted. When all of their friends have relaxers, weaves, extensions…makes one feel like a bit of a bully, when asking them to just be themselves.

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      1. yessssssss i couldnt agreee more…peer pressure is the worst and a child always wants to be in the “in” crowd so it is an uphill battle. Keep it up though, she will appreciate it and respect you in the long run

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  2. Yes! Why are we so much alike tho??! It’s scary. I am lazy af and lately, I chop it down when it becomes long enough to twist. I went natural for the same reasons: I was tired of the same TIRED, straight looks. I even got some highlights added and was still like nah, natural is the way to go. And.. really have no desire to straighten it.. yet.

    Regarding the wigs, my question is, unless I’m asking the person for money, why do they care what tf I do with MY hair!? These are people who have no hair confidence or what??!

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    1. That’s what confuses me twin…why u worried bout what the hell i”‘m doing?? And it’s always someone who ain’t go but a snap of hair…so maybe it is them having hair insecurities…gurl I straighten it like once a year and that’s just to check my length…that’s about it.

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  3. Beautiful hair! And 7 years, wow! I’ve just went on month 11 of my journey and sometimes I don’t want to deal with it already lol. I stopped wearing my wigs only after a few months though because I just instantly loved my natural hair better and wanted it out.

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