I swear Beautybox5 is trying their damndest to be my favorite subscription box; and to be honest it may be working

Take a look at these bomb treats:

Be a Bombshell Blush (Cougar)

Honest moment, I’ve used this about 3 times already, it looks so subtle against my complexion.  It’s great for a natural makeup look.

Sweep (Rose gold lash curler)

I am starting to really like Sweep products, they are so cute.  Anything that is rose gold will get my attention too.

BB5 (Highlight fan brush)

It’s so funny because I have been meaning to buy a small fan brush this size for the past 2 months, but always forgot.  It’s like BB5 is reading my mind.

Jean Pierre (Vitamin Sheet Mask)

The face can never use enough vitamin C, so I plan on using this shortly for a cleansed, refreshed look.

Did Hair (Gold bobby pins)

If you saw my previous post (here), then you’ve seen my hair and you’re well aware that I won’t be fitting these small pins anywhere

But they are cute

Are any of you subscribed to BB5? If not you should give them a shot, not bad for $12 a month right?


  1. Nice packaging, nice items, definitely looks like it’s worth the $12. I’ll have to look for one of those vitamin C masks


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