This site constantly kept popping up when I asked google for specific beauty finds, so I finally gave in and clicked away.  They literally have everything and at cheap prices.  All of the goodies below came up to about $36.

Take a look:

I really thought I was purchasing 1 bottle of this, yet I received a pack of 3, I guess I have to pay more attention, but lets be honest it will definitely get used.  Between doing my face and other faces, these will go quite quick, so no regrets on my end.

Everything else I received was from E.L.F. I LOVE E.L.F, how can you not?  They are just the beez neez

I got a hydrating, poreless, and a blemish control primer

I got a flat top powder brush, an eye crease brush, and some brush cleaner. This powder brush is great for applying foundation, and bronzer

Ya gotta have eyebrow gel to lay down those stubborn hairs.  I have been using his for years

I needed this so bad, I’ve been treating my under eye area horribly over the past couple of months.  So with this I can have some kind of protection under my makeup

And after my hydrating primer I sometimes add this E.L.F high definition setting powder to make sure the makeup I apply after will not crease and stay in place.

If you’ve never been to before for your beauty needs, then give them a shot, and once you do, let me know

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