Sephora Play came to slay this month, and I approve.  Don’t believe me?

Take a look:

The first thing that caught my eye when I opened my box, was the adorable bag.  I find myself trying to find things to put inside all of these bags, HA HA

Sunday Riley (Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser)

Anything that advocates to help me shrink these huge doggone pores of mine, I am all for.  I only used this cleanser once but I felt that the pores on my nose were a bit smaller.

Trestique (Highlight + Perfect Multipurpose Stick in Luminescent)

This highlight stick is just the cutest and is so easy to carry around.  At first thought I assumed this color was a bit too bright for me, but I was wrong, it fit me perfectly.  I sometimes like for people on the moon to see my highlight, and this accomplished that look

Maison Margiela (Replica Beach Walk)

I am just waiting for the day when I receive a perfume sample and I hate the smell, but it has NOT happened yet.  With a bit of lemon and coconut milk, I received compliments from whoever I hugged, while wearing this.

Christophe Robin (Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt)

I have to be honest, I don’t want to use this hair scrub.  Only because my hair is sooooo extremely thick, I feel like the it would take way too many washes to get it completely out, and that makes me nervous, and tired, HA HA

Grande Lips (Lip Plumper in Clear)

So I have been using this plumber twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night.  It is a bit thick but not sticky or slimy.  Let’s see how plump my lips become within the next 3 weeks (fingers crossed)

NUDESTIX (Magnetic Matte Lip Color in greystone)

I play in makeup so much that I not only saw this as a lip color, but as an eyeshadow as well.  Can’t wait to play with this

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  1. Love your mini reviews on here! We got the same bag this month, I’m loving everything! I love the feeling of the scrub on my scalp, but I definitely get your apprehension! Who has time to wash their hair 500 times?! Lol. Anyway, interested to see how the rest of using the lip plumper fares!

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