BB5 has come through again with some great treats, and a little bonus on the side.

Take a look:

Cougar Beauty (24 Hour Liquid Lipstick)

This lip color is amazing.  It looks great on any complexion.  I tried it on myself as well as my cousin, who is way lighter than I am and she looked great with it on as well.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics (Mongongo Lip Conditioner)

I love a good chapstick.  When trying to create a makeup look I always apply chapstick FIRST, then apply my matte lipsticks.  This method keeps my lips from getting dry and cakey.

Jelly Pong Pong (Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil) 

I have yet to use this pencil only because (if I can be honest with you guys) I have no idea where it is.  But once I find it, I will see how I can highlight my brows using this.  I am used to a liquid when doing that task, so we shall see

Daily Concepts (Exfoliating Body Scrubber)

I try to exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times a week to rid my body of any dead skin cells. So this bad boy will come in handy.  I usually just use the exfoliating gloves from bath and body, but now I have a new toy to play with

Nanacoco (Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencil)

I used this on my lips, but not my eyes yet.  I will be trying it out soon to see how exactly it will sit on my eyelid.  I may need to put some eye primer and set it with some translucent powder to make sure that it stays in place.  It seems a bit glossy once rubbed on, and I am used to mattes and/or powders on my eyes.  So we shall see

ADDED BONUS: DeLaCruz Arnica Salve (For Cracked Skin)

This product is great for ashy hands and cracked feet.  With the summer coming and me thinking of wearing nothing but sandals, it can wreak havoc on my feet.  What I plan on doing is, rubbing this (or any other oil based product on my feet), while paying close attention to my heels, then covering my feet with thick socks to let the product soak in overnight.

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