So for those that don’t know, I’ve been working very hard on perfecting my makeup craft, and have been not only working on my face, but on my family and friends as well.   So I thought I’d share some photos from my work over the past 2 months or so.

Take a look:

These photos were taken by a photographer named Nyree about 3 months ago in Queens, NY.  The main theme was black power, black lives matter and loving your melanin.

The below ladies are my friends and family that I asked to help with some before and after looks

About a month ago Nyree and I worked together again on my very FIRST shoot as the MUA.  She contacted me stating that she wanted to do a musician group photo shoot and she would need a MUA to handle about 2 of the 5 girls.  So of course I said I would help out.  It was a bit weird being behind the scenes, rather than in the forefront, but the shoot was a success, and I had so much fun

The below looks were for a photoshoot I did about 3 weeks ago with Nyree as well (we just can’t seem to get enough of each  There was no theme because it was for her photography group in Queens, so they were trying to figure out the best lighting/background, and things of that nature.  I did my own face for this shoot; I wanted to be very bronzed with cooper eyes and a dark pouty lip.  I was also given instructions to wear my natural hair out as well, so that’s all me

Lastly, the below photos are makeup mock looks.  I sent a request on FB to all my friends, and suggested they send me looks they would like me to re-create.  It has been quite fun because I didn’t think I would get the amount of looks I did (the below are ones I’ve done already, but I have so many more to do).

If you are looking for someone to take amazing photos then feel free to reach out to Nyree, she is the best.  She can be reached via IG: @nyreecphotography, or you can check out all of her work via her website here

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Also feel free to follow me on Instagram @silk_sachet , Snapchat @silk_sachet, or Twitter @everydaysachet


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