I have using apple cider vinegar for about the past 5 years or so.  It has become such a staple in my house as well as my skincare routine.

I’ve recently been trying to use it for my face specifically, because I’ve noticed that my skin has not been looking great for the past couple of months.  I came across a skincare routine mixing half ACV/half water, using it as a toner at night before I go to sleep.  So I bought this small little plastic bottle from my local beauty supply store for $1.  Then I proceed to put the mixture on a cotton pad and smooth it all over my face.  It smells horrible but I am hoping my face starts to look a little better especially with the summer approaching.

I read this book about the powerful affects of ACV a couple of years ago.  Who would have thought that 1 doggone drink can help with soooooooooo mannnyyyyy ailments and/or issues

Have you guys ever used ACV before?  If so, for what?


  1. Uhhhh tried to just have some ACV with water each morning. Of course I assumed that I would kill it and love the challenge, so I bought the biggest jug of it that I could find. Made it 2 days. This post makes me want to start again!

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    1. its hard to stay with it, because it just tastes so damn horrible…lol…but once you think of the benefits you will stay with it 🙂 I am actually drinking mines right now at work, and my face is not happy, trust


    1. I use it as the toner and I drink it thru out the day..half of that and half water. I actually heard that it can relieve itches…and with Sumner on its way that will be so helpful…I also use it o. Ingrown hairs. It helps them come out in a safe way

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  2. I’ve tried it for my dark marks on my face, but I couldn’t take that smell! I gave up lol but hope to give it another go.
    ~ Zeena


      1. You’re right, most things that are good for you are kinda funky tasting/smelling.. and oh no girl, what’s that? I never heard of it lol

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  3. I have used ACV as a hair rinse before! You can use it as a cleanser for your scalp (as im sure you know), but you’re not supposed to rinse it…I always rinse it out though because, like you said, the smell. yuck. I’m curious as to how it works as a toner! I am using a regular ole astringent right now, and even though I love the results, I do it sparingly because I don’t want my face to dry out more than it already does.


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