I love the Daily Show; Jon Stewart was the best but I love Trevor Noah just as much.  Both so real, raw, and intellectual on so many subjects. I think Trevor hit the nail on the head with everything he said in this video.  I used to try to make excuses and think of situations on how black people could avoid getting shot and killed by the police.  But it has been happened so much over the last couple of years, and has been done so blatantly with no regard of human life, with no consequences for the cops that pulled the trigger.  Now, I’m a little befuddled, just like Trevor; maybe someone can answer the question: “what can black people do to NOT get killed by the police”.  I would just love an answer because I just don’t know anymore.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. Trevor Noah is absolutely correct. Members of the NRA would’ve lost their minds if a white legal gun owner had been killed by the police during a traffic stop for a broken taillight. But because Castile was black they didn’t care. Their silence on this issue says it all. I was wondering to myself this morning: “How does a black person NOT get shot if they’re stopped by a police officer?” I worry about my son when he walks to the bus stop to go to school everyday. I worry about my brother who has to walk to catch the bus to go to work. It’s a fear that I think all black families live with, especially now when there is never any justice in the form of a conviction when a cop kills a civilian.

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    1. thats the sad part, we have to constantly worry about our sons, daughters, etc on a daily basis, and from the people that are “suppossed” to “protect and serve”. Its disheartening

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      1. Another issue is when they tell you to take out your license you can’t, because they’ll say you were reaching for a gun shoot you. I saw a video of a cop who pulled a black man over at a gas station. He told the guy to get his license, and as soon as he reached in the glove compartment for the license the cop opened fire on him at a gas station and shot him multiple times. Luckily the victim lived. He asked the cop: “Why’d you shoot me? You told me to get my license?” This cop was so soft, he endangered the lives of everyone at the gas station and nearly killed an innocent man because he wasn’t courageous and patient enough to wait for the civilian to show him his license.

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      2. its a damn shame, I feel like we are literally being hunted. Like they are trying to make us extinct. And sometimes you feel like there is nothing you can do. But this all starts at the top. Once we get change from the top to the bottom, maybe these cops will act accordingly

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