My June Birchbox has arrived, and right at the beginning of Summer.

Take a look:

(From left to right):

The Beauty Crop (Blush Duo – Papaya Don’t Preach)  Full Size, $10

This blush is a bit too bright for my skin tone.  I like to stick to plums, purples and dark pinks.  but I will add it to my makeup kit

Kensie (Eau de Parfum) – Full Size, $45 – $55

I’ve worn this parfum 3 times already and I think it smells delightful

Marcelle (Hydra – C 24 H Energizing Hydrating Gel) – Full Size, $27

I have yet to use this, only because I am using a L’oreal moisturizing cream for the next month, and I need accurate results, so I don’t want to use any other gels or creams for the next 3 weeks

Oribe (Gold Lust Shampoo & Conditioner) – Full Size, $49

The next time I wash my hair I will use this (and obviously some other products) because these samples just don’t do the job, with all my hair

Mellow Cosmetics (Liquid Lip Paint- New York) Full Size, $14

I had a happy hour to attend and I used this matte lipstick.  It is very very smooth and just glides right on.  The deep berry shade looks great on me

Manna Kadar Cosmetics (Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick – Jelly Bean) Full Size, $24

I just tried this eye shadow out on a look I did last night.  I wasn’t too excited about it.  The color looks great, but for some reason trying to actually put it on, especially with a brush can be a little frustrating.  The consistency is a bit off.  However, I have been receiving many products from Manna Kadar and I loved all of them.  They can’t all be winners right?


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