This month around Ipsy’s message was very inspiring.  It reminded us that we should constantly speak our mind and express ourselves as we see fit. What better way to do that than describing how much I love this month’s goodies?

Take a look:

NYX Professional Makeup (Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé)

I Love NYX products but I just don’t care too much for the texture of this.  If I were to use it on myself I would mix it with another color and create an ombre lip, because by itself, I looked dead

TheBalm Cosmetics (Balm Springs Blush)

This blush is super cute, don’t really care for the color for myself, but will definitely use it in my kit, for those who are a bit lighter

City Color Cosmetics (Shimmer Shadow)

I can not wait to show off this color, I adore green, it looks great with brown eyes.

Skone Cosmetics (Insanely Intense Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner)

Can never have enough black liners, and I have used this twice already, I love the feel and how it glides on the skin

Trissola (Chia 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream)

I finished this entire bottle last week when I washed my hair.  It smells so good


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