I don’t know, can we??

It seems like a good question right now especially with this whole Bill Cosby scandal happening at the moment.

The entire situation has definitely ruffled some feathers.  Some people believe that he is being set up, and others believe that the victims are just joining the “I was raped” bandwagon. America’s T.V dad had turned into America’s rapist over night.  My personal opinion is, I can’t say what happened because I wasn’t there and I choose NOT to victim bash; however I find it very hard to believe that a black man was able to get away with this in the 50’s/60’s, with the majority of his victims being white, but he dealt with no repercussions or consequences.  It just seems weird

Let’s continue shall we?

To be honest it seems that Chris Brown hasn’t slowed down since the Rihanna situation.  He has been making music non-stop, and it seems like his day 1 fans are still right there with him.  However, I do occasionally come across a couple of folks who screw their face up when his name is mentioned.  It’s just something he will never be able to live down, whether he was provoked or not.

Some photos of Amber Heard flooded my timeline after rumors spread that Johnny Depp had physically abused her.   You start to wonder if this incident was isolated or if he did this all the time, but just happened to get caught this time around?

OOOOO Michael.  I don’t care what anyone says, my heart literally broke when I heard he died.  I was in denial for at least 2 days.  But Michael was involved in quite a few scandals, mainly for “sleeping with minors” in his mansion.  I have to be honest, I don’t think Michael actually did anything with those kids, because if that was the case he would’ve never been able to keep his own 3 kids. I think those parents saw that he was extremely giving and took advantage.  But it’s safe to say those scandals stayed with him, even in the after math of his homicide

Good ol’ Mel Gibson went on a couple of racist and anit-semitic rants a few years ago.  While on the phone with his girlfriend he said that he hoped she “got raped by a pack of niggers”.  He was then recorded saying that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”.  In the words of comedian D.L Hughley: “a pack of niggers though? what are we? dogs?”

I have to say that I (to this day) have still not seen any of his sex tapes.  I’ve never seen the one with Ray J. and Kim K. either, but I digress; from what I hear I’m not missing too much in either one, LOL.  It seems that certain women find him disgusting, but others still love him to death.  I’ve seen videos of his recent performances, and the women are acting like he is Michael Jackson (back in his Thriller days).  The screaming, the yelling, it was quite the scene.

I’m sure all of us saw that chilling video of Ray brutally punching his wife, then casually dragging her limp body out of the elevator.  He was suspended by the NFL for a year, and the Baltimore Ravens voided his contract.  After a year of therapy and anger management classes, he is now eligible to play football again, but who will pick him up?  I don’t think the NFL cares about his crime, they just don’t like the bad press that comes along with his name.  The NFL has protected their fair share of women beaters, in the past as well as the present

Speaking of women beaters……………I don’t think anyone could forget the infamous Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson. Side note: if he didn’t commit the crime himself, he was definitely involved in some way (yeah that’s right, I said it)  Anywayyyyyy, it seems that women (especially white women) have not forgiven him in any way for the murders, but men (of all races) still love the “Juice”.  It comes across that he was so charming, and so amazing at football that he could have never committed such a heinous crime.

Which makes me start to think that when it comes to athletes (such as O.J and Rice), men will literally never care what happens outside of the court/ring/stadium.  As long as said athlete does what he needs to do (as far as sports), all is well.  Women seem to be a little bit more hesitant to forgive in that aspect.

I don’t really support anyone.  The 2 artists that I loved are dead; Prince & Aaliyah, so if it’s not them, then there is not need to purchase tickets to concerts or buy albums. I get all of my music from apps like everyone else. #sorrynotsorry

Which warrants the following questions:

Do I still watch the Cosby show?  Sure do

Do I still listen to Chris Brown’s music?  Yup  His recent song privacy has been on repeat for the past week

I’ve never been a fan of Johnny Depp, O.J Simpson, or Ray Rice, so I am not missing out on anything there.

Do I still listen to Michael Jackson’s music? Yup I grab my crotch, kick my feet and do a horrible imitation of the moonwalk

Did I continue to watch Mel Gibson’s movies after his rants?  Yup, his movie Edge of Darkness was good stuff

Do I still listen to R.Kelly’s music? Yup, 12 Play & Sadie came on the other day and I was jamming

I am well aware of the saying: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.  But does that ring true for these situations?

Especially since we are dealing with human beings who are prone to be flawed, if I state that whenever a celebrity does something wrong, I will no longer support them; wouldn’t it get to the point that I’d have NOTHING to listen to or watch?  Then wouldn’t it seem a bit hypocritical that I choose to be so hateful those these people (which is confusing because I don’t know them) yet we all have relatives/friends who have the same problems, yet we still converse with them and support them?

How and when do you draw the line?


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  1. Yes I believe sometimes you can separate the art from the artist. For example, I enjoyed the reboot of Roseanne. Watched her show back in the early 90s as well, but recently she’s made inappropriate and racially charged comments on social media and in her personal life. She compared a black woman who worked for Obama to an ape.


    1. Yeah i was watching it with my husband a bit and i thought it was ok. But I probably wouldnt watch it now. But to think about it I was never a fan of Roseann, If a good episode of treh Cosby show comes on, I will be watching. That’s from my childhood. Its hard to just throw everything to the side like that, and if that was the case, we wouldnt be watching or listening to anything. everyone has issues


  2. Great post, twin.
    I must say, it depends on the offense. But then again, none of us were there to really know what all really happened in any of these situations! They could be tiny productions in themselves to distract us or bring attention to celebrities that would otherwise be getting no press. BUT I do not go out of my way to support them. You’ll never see me spend a dime on R. Kelly or Chris Brown and I’m not a sports fan so..

    To answer your question though? … it depends.


    1. Thanks twin…it really does depend, but it dont bother me no way cause (like u said) I dont go out of way to support…I am not a teenager anymore so I dont call a male celebrity my husband, or have photos hanging on my wall…so there really is no support I need to put out there…but it really does depend…

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  3. I can definitely separate the celebrity from the monster. I personally believe that Cosby did drug and rape quite a few of his accusers. Not all of them, but quite a lot. It’s definitely a divisive topic. I wrote about it here:

    I believe R. Kelly urinated on a child and had sex with her. I love his music, and I think he’s extremely talented, but I also believe he’s a pedophile who should’ve been convicted. I still listen to R. Kelly and Michael Jackson’s music.

    I believe O.J. Simpson is a murderer because I watched the trial. I remember how divisive the verdict was, and I just don’t think a lot of people WANTED to believe he was guilty at the time. They wanted to believe he was being victimized, despite the photographs that showed how abusive he was to Nicole Brown Simpson.

    Mel Gibson’s a proven racist and abusive piece of shit, but I’m not throwing away my Lethal Weapon collection or Apocalypto. I’ve seen some videos of Johnny Depp cursing out Amber Heard while he was drunk and throwing glasses, so it’s possible he’s abusive, but I still love SOME of his movies.

    I think when some people like the work of certain celebrities they don’t want them to be punished for their crimes, but I do. If they commited a crime they should be punished like anyone else, but it doesn’t mean we have to start hating their work.

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    1. Yes I am like that too…if we legit proof that bill Cosby did it…fuck it, I dont care if he is going blind, send his ass to jail…u do the crime u have to do the time, but I agree u shouldn’t have to hate their work

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  4. My thing with the Chris Brown situation is he keeps attacking women, then acts surprise when people don’t support him as much. The Bill Cosby thing also confused me

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