I am super excited, my favorite subscription box has arrived.  It’s like BB5 knows they are my favorite and now they’re just showing off  ha ha

Take a look:

DID HAIR (Jeweled hair tie set), $7.50 

ummmmmmmmmmm so I will NOT be wearing these EVER, because I’m a grown woman… So I will just be giving these to one of my god kids.

But I love everything else in the box, don’t believe me?  Just scroll dowwwnnnnnnn

Coastal Scents (Revealed 3 Palette), $19.95

I’ve always loved coastal scents, they have great quality products for cheap prices.  I will be using this soon for a natural (no make-up) kind of look

Prestige Cosmetics (My biggest lashes mascara), $7.50

I’ve used this mascara at least 4 times already and I haven’t even had the box for that long.  I also used it for the look below


Laritzy (lip pencil), $18.00

I love this mauve color.  Have not used it yet but will soon when I am going for that natural nude kind of look

Jessie’s Girl (Liquid Eyeliner), $6.99

I have been on a search for a very bright blue eyeliner and look what happened to be in my box.  I had so much fun with this product, trying to bring those summer colors to life.  I also used this for my look below

This is a look I did about 3 days ago using the blue eyeliner from above.  I love how well it meshes with the orange eye shadow I have on

What do ya think?


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