I loooovvveeeeeeeeee BH cosmetic products, they are super cheap, but everything is great quality.  I realized I didn’t have any blush palettes in my makeup kit so I figured I would purchase some with different tones, which is how BH got my coins.  LOL

Take a look:

This is the nude 10 color blush palette

these colors are a bit cooler

This is the professional color blush palette

and these colors a bit more colorful and vibrant, which I love

Then while shopping on the site, I realized I had no lip palette.  I have an immense amount of individual lipsticks and glosses, but no lip palette.  What I like about this is the shades are nude and can work well on various skin complexions.  So if a client isn’t looking for too much of a pop, just a calm natural kind of lip, I can provide that with this product.

I like the consistency with the lipsticks, they are creamy but not too creamy, I can expect them to stay in place throughout a photo shoot or something of that nature, especially if I add setting powder to the lip before applying the lipstick to keep it in place (little makeup trick I learned some years ago)

Had to get another beauty blender because you can never have too many of those

This is BH Studio Pro Eye and Lip Remover.  I realized after I made the order that I should have bought 2.  One for myself, and one for my kit.  I wear a lot of matte lipstick and sometimes a makeup wipe can’t remove all the residue, but this does in literally one swipe. It is amazing

I needed a sharpener for any lip or eye pencils I carry in my kit.  I hate when pencils start to get dull, I need a nice pointy tip to achieve precise application.  Dull pencils can sometimes cause a problem with how the makeup is applied.

Have any of you ever purchased anything from BH Cosmetics?  If so, how did you like it?  Would you order from there again?


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