I know it’s been a while since some of you have seen this particular subscription.  The answer to that is I only receive this it seasonally, so this is my Summer box.

Take a look at my goodies in all their glory:

This was a coupon from the smile direct club to receive invisalign services. I am definitely thinking of getting it done one day because I feel as if my teeth could use some straightening.  The price isn’t paid either; one time payment of $1,850, or pay $95  every month for 24 months. Not too shabby but right now I just don’t feel like forking over close to $2,000.  But soon come!!!

Wally’s Organic Body Oil

I must be honest I’ve noticed a few more stretch marks than usual, so this will be getting used soon.  I can’t walk these streets looking like Tony the Tiger  Ha Ha

Eco Tools mask remover sponge

I am so excited for these, I have just been removing my face masks with either my hands or my wash rag.  This sponge would be much more productive

Got2b (Styling spiking glue)

I am not too sure about this product, at first I thought it was the glue for lace front wigs because I would’ve most likely used whenever I purchased one.  But I think this is for people with short hair that want to specifically wear it spiky.  I like my hair either curly or slicked back, no spikes for me, so I shall be handing this over to someone

Simple (cleansing facial wipes)

Of course I need these, especially since I’ve used these wipes before.  I love how smooth they are and they’re for people with sensitive skin, so I never have to worry about my eye area getting irritated with constant rubbing trying to remove product

Aveeno (daily moisturizing lotion)

Aveeno is lotion I never have a problem receiving because it makes my skin feel so much better especially if I am having an eczema flair-up; it’s very calming for the skin

Pantene Pro-V (shampoo & conditioner)

These both have already been used when I washed my hair last week.  Never any complaints with Pantene products, they are great

Impress (press-on nails)

These nails are cute but I get the impression that they belong on the nails of a child or teenager.  They just look so small, so I gave these to my god-daughter

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