I lloooooovvveeeee this box soooooooo muuuccchhhhhh.  How can  you not? They give such great products and they are the perfect size.

Take a look at my treats:

My treats in all of their melanin glory

LA Naturals (Manuka honey & Coconut Curling Jelly)

Funny enough I already have 2 of these jars.  Me and my girlfriend Heather went to this hair event in Brooklyn and we got some great swag bags, and 2 jars of this product were included.  I was only able to use it once, just because my hair has been in protective styling for about 2 months.  But I should be rocking my curls using this, soon enough

Oils of the World (Illuminating super serum with passion fruit), $30

I have the other oil from this company that is used for the body and hair.  I used it non-stop while I was recently on my vacation.  This oil however, is specifically used for the face, and is very lightweight to use even in this summer heat.  I use it to brighten my skin every morning before I leave the house

Pacifica (Intensely moisturizing body butter)

This body butter smells so amazing and I use this on my hands before I leave the house in the morning.  It also leaves my skin supple to the touch

Laritzy (creamy lip pencil in “Deep Orchid), $18

I love a good lip liner, and this color has a bit of a rose/plum color which is right up my lip color alley

Laritzy (Long lasting liquid lipstick in “Deep Orchid), $24

This matte lipstick looks great on my complexion and I plan on using it for my next makeup look when I head out for a night on the town

I love adding a liner to my lips first to prevent any type of bleeding of the lipstick/gloss, which is why I love this combo so much

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