Before I purchased Hubble, the last time I wore contacts was about 5 years ago. I got so comfortable with just wearing my glasses and the thought of having to paying $300-$500 on a 6 month/1 year supply, just didn’t sit well with me.  Especially since I was paying about $400 on my glasses, so I would have been paying close to $1,000 for contacts as well as glasses.  The non-sense had to stop!  I swear I get so jealous of people with perfect version, they don’t have to worry about anything but picking out some fly sunglasses to wear. *le sigh* but I digress

So how did I hear about Hubble contacts?  You would think I saw an ad on FB since I’ve seen them non-stop recently, but it all started with a conversation.  My co-worker Jocelyn lives in Harlem as well, and we occasionally bump into each other in the train station, on our way to work.  We got to talking and she mentioned that she heard about this placed called Hubble, and you received daily lenses ever month, kind of like a contact lens subscription.  I was intrigued and as soon as I got to work, I did some research.

After I saw the option to get my first box of contacts free, but would just have to pay for the $3 shipping fee., I was sold.  I went to my eye doctor, got an exam, and reported back to the Hubble website, and received my free box. They included 30 lenses (15 for each eye) that would last for exactly 2 weeks.  I was a little nervous at first because I did not know what to suspect; and like most blind folk, I did not want my sight to worsen due to these “unknown” contacts (and I only say that because no one else had really heard of them).  But I am a avid subscriber now and I am very pleased with my lenses (My debit card is charged $33 a month going forward).

Take a look at the site and see if you’d like to give them a shot, can’t go wrong paying $3 right?  Hubble Contacts


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  1. I meant to ask if you’ll do a follow up? I usually wear my contacts longer than the recommended toss date, so I wanna know if you’ll be wearing them longer to see how they do? Or play it safe 🙂

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