Hey lovelies, July is officially the month of amazing, super dope, subscription treats

Take a look:

Styli-style (Line & Seal Eye Liner), $6.50

I love this eye color, it would give a subtle shimmer to the bottom lash line, to add a bit of pop to a neutral look

Got this brush as an additional gift, with no complaints on my end.  I used this at a photo shoot this past weekend to blend the model’s contour evenly

Seraphine Botanicals (Quince + Crimson Crayon), $24.00

I love the color and the feel of this lip crayon.  It goes on a bit matte but still leaves room for me to apply a gloss on top for an extra pop

Nanacoco (Rio II Nail polish Collection), $3.95

I don’t really care for this nail color, so this may go to one of my god daughters, they will appreciate much more, so will their doll babies. LOL

Luseta Beauty (Argan Oil Hair Masque), $29.00

After washing my hair, I placed this mask over my entire head, placed a shower cap on, and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  I didn’t have to leave it on for that long, (the instructions said 10 minutes) but I got distracted cleaning my house.  I loved how soft my hair was when I de-tangled it.  Can’t go wrong when argan oil is infused in a product

Manna Kadar Cosmetics (Glo Illuminator), $29.00

I love how light and subtle this shimmer is.  I used this as a highlighter on the same model I mentioned above.  I mixed a small amount into the foundation, and placed some on her collar bone.  She was a glowing goddess for the photo shoot (photos coming soon)

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