I received sooo many mini treats this month around from Sephora.  They may be the reason why I’m slowly becoming a hoarder.  Don’t worry I don’t need to be on the T.V show yet

Take a look:

Beauty Blender (Micro-mini)

As soon as I saw this I knew exactly what I will be using it for.  I will use it on my lips when I create my ombre looks.  Sometimes trying to use my index finger can be an issue, but this blender is small enough and the texture will mix both lipsticks seamlessly

Kat Von D (Sain & Sinner)

So these little devils are already gone.  I have been moving around so much the past couple of days, that I’ve been grabbing them on my way out.  I received so many compliments, they smell delightful

Clinique (HIM Dual-ended high impact mascara & primer duo)

I’ve used this twice already.  I love a good eye lash primer before adding mascara because it really makes a HUGE difference in the appearance and length of your lashes

GLAMGLOW (Volcasmic Matte glow moisturizer)

I used this not only on my face but on a model’s face at a photo shoo this past weekend.  It gives a radiant glow without coming across shiny or oily

Alterna Haircare (Caviar anti-anging miracle multiplying volume mist)

I used this on my hair as well as one of my wigs.  Its smells great and delivers the right amount of volume and texture

TOO FACED (Mascara melt off cleansing oil)

I am sad to say I have not used this yet.  I am just so used to using micellar water to remove any of my eye makeup that I honestly forgot I received this.  But I will use it soon, because I am curious to see if it will turn me against my other eye makeup removal products.  We shall see!

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