Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I am sure you’ve seen the recent disappointing video of Ms. Carey doing the bare minimum at her concert.

Now don’t get me wrong, she’s come a long way, belting some of the greatest hits from the 90’s until now.  She’s worked with the best producers, rappers, songwriters and directors; but does that warrant her to be a diva at her OWN show?

I don’t ask for much as a fan, but if I pay hundreds of my hard earned coins to attend your concert I’d like more effect put into it.  I’ve seen snails and robots with way more energy and rhythm.  I get it, everyone isn’t on the same level, not everyone can perform like Beyonce, Chris Brown or even Janet Jackson. Every singer is NOT meant to be a dancer, and that’s fine, but I’d love for her to actually SING, especially since you’re standing there stiff as a board. I need a solid tune from you Mariah, and I need it NOW!!

Watching this video of her makes me cringe; you can just look at her face and tell she’s given up on life as a whole.  Does anyone know why she needed to be picked up, placed on top of the dancers, and then immediately removed?  Why?  What was the point of this entire dance scene?  She looked as if her back almost broke when her dipped her; for the love of Pete, what is happening? At this point, I would rather her just sit on a stool and lip sync, it wouldn’t irritate me as much.

If it’s not her over stuffed outfits (that she needs to give a rest), it’s the overuse of the glitter & butterflies, or her horrid attempt at dancing (if we can even call it that), and the cherry on top is her just plain ol’ not giving a shit.  So as a fan I would sit in the audience and wonder to myself: “Why the hell am I even here?” “Am I being punked? ASHTON?” “Harpo who dis woman?”

If you no longer care about performing and putting on a show, that’s your right, but what you NOT gon do Ms. Carey, is hop on stage and give a lack luster performance because you think you can, simply because you are Mariah Carey.  The devil is a lie, and so are you

Get your shit together!!!!

11 thoughts on “MARIAH “I DON’T GIVE MY ALL” CAREY

    1. He heh yeah I thought it was funny too..she really does. If u dont want to perform then starting producing or doing other things behind the scenes then . but dont be wasting my time and my coins


  1. Ha! I watched twice and died laughing! I have been under a rock, so thank you for sharing this.
    Mariah is one of those performers that I could listen to all day but would never attend a concert. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe if I go free tickets, but I’d never pay cuz her presence just.. it ain’t my cup of tea.

    Thanks for the laughs ❤

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    1. my pleasure twin, you know i”m here to bring the laughs. i wouldnt even go if the tickets were free. i just cant, she does nothing for me (visually) but i’m with you, i can listen to her all day (her voice is just classic)

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