Last weekend I had the ultimate pleasure of trying out a product from the Fro Butter hair company.  After conversing back and forth with one of the owners Susana, she sent me a jar of JBCO hair thickener, to review and give my honest feedback.  I reached out to her because I wanted to spread the word about this black owned business, as well as try new products that would help with my itchy scalp.

Let me first say how amazing this product smells, I described the smell to my husband by comparing it to Fruit Loops.  Which didn’t bother me one bit because that was my favorite cereal when I was growing up, well that, and apple jacks.  So what I decided to do was wash and deep condition my hair, using this heat cap below.  I bought this from my local beauty supply store for about $25.  I put a plastic cap on my head and sat under this for 30 minutes (with the heat on high), then rinsed and applied the fro butt product to not only my scalp, but throughout my entire head.

This was the end result, very full curls, which I love.  I was elated that this product was not thick or greasy.  It glided on easily and did not drip. What annoys me about the original castor oil is that when applying it, it can tend to start dripping onto your forehead, or behind your ears.  It’s way too hot for that, especially in the summer time.

I decided to do a cute style since my hair smelled amazing, and looked so slick and clean.  I think I will continue to use this rather than the regular JBCO.  I am getting the same properties in this product, but with less grease and drip.  It has been a couple of days since I applied it to my scalp, and there has been no itching, so that’s good news.

What do you guys think?  Have you ever tried Fro Butter products?  If so share your stories, and don’t forget to SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES!!


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  2. i haven’t seen this brand at my local beauty supply store but will keep an eye out…like you said the regular castor oil is just too much to work with especially over this past summer

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