My favorite subscription box has arrived.  Why is it my favorite?  Well duh, because it’s black owned and features black owned products, why the hell would it NOT be my fav?  This month’s ONYX box came all the way through, take a look:

Pewilben (Uplift herbal fast steam), $15

Unfortunately, to use this product I would need some very hot water and about 20 minutes for the steam to take.  And I have just been moving around so much that I haven’t had the time.  I plan to use It sometime this week, and I’m sure it will help because I have been a bit stressed.  Just hoping my face isn’t showing that

Lollia “At Last” (Petite treat handcreme), $7.50

This hand cream smells amazing and is so soft.  I have been using it on my hands right before I leave the house.

Cle Cosmetics (Melting lip powder), $20

I will be using this lip powder next weekend for the wedding I attend.  I am wearing a nude dress and I think that a nice red lip will give the pop I am looking for.  I may even use it as a blush

Sorme Cosmetics (Smearproof lip pencil), $14

I’ve used this pencil on myself as well as 2 models for a photoshoot.  It is so subtle and smooth, great for a base before applying lipstick to avoid bleeding

L’ange hair (Replenish conditioning spray), $19

I have been using this over the past week.  It smells so good and is great when I need to detangle my strands for a quick up-do.


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