I’ve been seeing these products on a consistent basis for the past year.  I decided I wanted to reach out to someone and see if I could receive some products, and in return, I’d give my honest feedback.  So after talking to a young lady named Renee, I picked some specific products to try that I thought would assist with my itchy scalp, and lack of moisture.

Check out my goodies:

(From left to right)

Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment, $17.99

I love how this smelled and it was sooooo thick.  I hate think conditioners, I feel like they’re sliding right off of my hair and not giving me the protection and moisture that I need

Hair Growth Oil, $13.99 (for a 4 oz bottle, this was a sample size)

I rubbed this into my scalp for about a minute and a half; this is called a scalp massage.  It helps to stimulate hair growth, and can be very calming and soothing.

Aloe Curl Enhancing Twisting Cream, $15.99 (for an 8 oz jar, this was a sample size as well)

I decided to do a full head twist out to see how well this twisting creme worked.  I even put curl rods on my ends to make sure they didn’t unravel and become frizzy.  But now that I am thinking about, I would have preferred to put this in my hair to wear my typical wash and go

Scalp Soothing Shampoo Bar, $9.99

I’ve never actually used a shampoo bar before so that was a new experience, and I actually like it, it lathers quickly.

Check out the results:

I have to say, there was no real point of attempting the above twist out, because I brushed all that right out.  What can I say, I like a big, huge puff; the bigger the better.  Those tame twists didn’t last long, ha ha

What do you guys think?  Have you ever tried Hydrotherma Naturals products?  If so share your stories, and don’t forget to SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES!!

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