Another day, another purchase from Shoedazzle!  This month around I purchased 3 items, but had to return one because the size was way too big, I had no waist in that bad boy.  So I kept the items below and love em, great for the fall weather that’s on the way.

I adore this sweater only because my shoulders are out.  For some reason over the last year, anything that shows shoulders will get my attention.  I think it’s because I’ve finally come to accept them; when I was younger I hated my shoulders, they were so broad and I used to get teased in high school about it.  If you would like to purchase this, click here Shoulder Sweater

I got this printed bomber jacket in a size 2X, I love the fit, and have worn it at least 5 times already.  It goes great with any kind of pants because of the bright colors.  I actually got those blue wedgies (as well as the silver shoes above) from Shoedazzle as well.  Yeah thats right, I was consistent for these photos.  If you would like to purchase this, click here Printed Bomber

The item I returned was an embroidered blue dress, if you would like to purchase that, then click here, Embroidered Dress

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