Alright folks, we seemed to breeze right past September (where the hell did the days go?) and now we are smack dab in October.  The theme of this month’s ONYX box is “New Generation Beauty”, aspirational, multifaceted and highly melaninated of course.

Take a look at my treats:

I adored everything in this box, which isn’t new, my ONYX boxes are always showing off, HA HA

(From Left to Right)

Purlisse (4 in 1 cleansing milk), $20

I like this brand, due to the million subscription boxes that I receive, I’ve gotten a couple of Purlisse products.  I used this to remove my makeup and it was so smooth and consistent.  I still had to go over my eyes because I packed on about 4 layers of mascara.  When it comes to my eyes I like to get a cotton ball with coconut oil on it, and remove eye makeup that way.  I try not to put cleansers anywhere near my eyes (for obvious reasons)

Bella Pierre Cosmetics (mineral lipstick), $20

I have yet to actually this color on my lips, but I think that when I do use it, I will apply a dark brown lip liner, apply this lipstick and then add a NYX nude gloss on top for a creamy pop

Tokyomilk (perfume), $30

This perfume has a distinct smell.  Something I’ve never really smelled before, but in a good way.  It takes about 30 seconds to get used to it, but once it seeps in, it smells amazing

KISS NY Professional (Pro-touch setting powder), $9

Waiting to see how this will look on my skin as a setting powder.  I don’t know why I feel like I may look ashy and washed out, but we shall see.  I hope not only because I have other KISS products and they work great.  I am not too sure if this is the darkest shade, I will have to research this

Law Beauty Essentials (2 PM wine luxury nail polish), $9

I plan on getting a manicure next week and I will be that person that brings in her own nail polish.  Yup sure will, I think this color is amazing and very Fall-ish

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