Yayyyyyyyyy another package from Influenster.  These are always amazing, and so far I haven’t had complaints, so let’s see if this product made the cut shall we?

Inside were 8 packs (4 for stage 1 and 4 for stage 2), as well as the instructions and that black tool is needed to stir both applications together

Applying the mask was a bit comical, only because I guess I took too long to apply it to my entire face.  When trying to get certain spots that I’d missed, it started to peel already.  So for anyone who plans on trying this, know one thing, you must move quick.  I followed the instructions and left it on for 15 minutes

This is how it looks after peeling it off.  There was minimal residue and leave behind, whatever was left I lightly peeled off.  What I found to be so surprising was that I did not feel the urge  to cleanse my wash after this mask.  This mask was so refreshing, I felt that if I did clean my face, I would be destroying everything that I just did.  LOL

So it’s safe to say I have no complaints, which is good because I have 6 more packs (3 masks) left.

Please note that: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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