As I stated in my last blog, I canceled 4 of my subscription boxes, and Ipsy was one of them.  So this is my very last bag (tear tear)

I love this cute burgundy bag that all of my products came in, but I have about 12 of these so nothing new to see here.

(From left to right):

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – In color Y505 

I have to say I was extremely annoyed by this item.  Why send foundation when you don’t know the person’s exact skin complexion as well as their undertones?  It’s really a waste, because I’ve seen that there were quite a few folks who received colors that were way off from their complexion.  This is how mines looked on me; an absolute mess.  if you look closely you can see how light and ashy this looks on me.  My neck is a completely different color, so this was an absolute fail.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Perversion

I have so many at this point so I just added it to the pile, nothing new here (I used it to apply a wing in the photo above)

First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream

One of the main ingredients in this is shea butter, and it is great for people with sensitive skin. So definitely something  I will use on my face and hands to brave this cold weather that is on it’s way here in NY

StudioMakeup Gloss Coleur Intense in Kiss

I have been wearing this everyday for the past 3 to 4 days.  It’s a soft mauve color that looks amazing on my lips, very subtle

Chella Eyebrow pencil in Elegant Ebony

I like this eyebrow pencil, and was a bit surprised that it was my exact color.

Besides the color being off with the MUF foundation, I had no issues with anything else.


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10 thoughts on “MY LAST IPSY BOX REVIEW

  1. Yes, I can definitely see where the foundation doesn’t match your skin tone. I’ve never received foundation from ipsy, but I’m sure if I did it probably wouldn’t match either. I have super pale skin and ipsy has a habit of sending me shades of makeup that don’t go so well with my skin tone.

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    1. it was just so weird. the formula was fine, that wasnt the issue. I just dont get why you would waste product like that…i am sure about 90% of people who received it were not a match and threw it away smdh


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