I’m bout to be smooth as F***

Sorry for the profanity but it was definitely needed after using these whipped Shea butters from BGLH-Marketplace.  Let me start off by saying that I always used the hard Shea butter and this is my first time trying whipped Shea butter, and I love it.  Mainly because the regular Shea butter can be soooo hard to apply especially in the winter time; I just don’t want to have an arm like Popeye from trying to scoop this doggone product.  With the whipped butter I can just stick my finger in there and get to moisturizing.

So on their website, they have the option to try out 5 samples of whipped butter (they have 26 different scents), so I got 5 (2.5 oz).   I know only 4 are featured in the above photo, but I was moving so quick (on the checkout page) that I accidentally purchased 2 lavender butters and ended up giving one to my boss. Next time I want to try Orange creamsicle and peppermint, but I feel like that is more of a summer scent to try, but who cares right?

I love the way the butter feels, its so smooth and consistent, no lumps, not greasy, no complaints.  I even have my husband using some, he applies some to his hands before leaving the house for work.  This is a family affair LOL

So I am officially sold and I will NOT be returning to regular shea butter, no-sir-ri-bob, I need homemade whipped butters until I leave this earth. If you’d like to take a look at their products, click on their website, HERE

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