So as discussed in my last 2 blogs, this is my very last Sephora bag, I cancelled the subscription about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Take a look:

(From Left to Right)

COVER FX (Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight)

I plan on using this mixed with my foundation or just for a highlight, the color is so vibrant I know it will give me the pop I am always looking for with my makeup looks.

PHILOSOPHY (Amazing Grace)

I never have any issues with any of the fragrances I receive because they always smell amazing.  This one is very fresh and floral, I wore it this past weekend to go out with my girlfriends.

SEPHORA COLLECTION (Instant Moisturizer + Cream)

I have not tried this yet, but I think I will keep it in my purse for hard times.  I am noticing that throughout the day my skin tends to dry out and I have nothing to put on it.  I usually put some Aveeno lotion on but sometimes I want something a little thicker, especially since it’s getting a bit colder.


I plan on trying this when I do my next look.  I know its translucent but I feel like it may leave a light ghostly cast  on my face, but I could be wrong, we shall see

DR. BRANDT (Pores no more luminizer primer)

I used this last week on my face and it worked great.  I have huge pores by my nose and lip area

MAKEUP FOREVER (Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Y505)

I think all subscription boxes have the same products, and the same profile information.  This was the exact same foundation (shade and all) that I received in my Ipsy bag as well; that I did not approve of.  Guess where this one went as well?  Yup Yup le’ garbage  LOL


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