To the last box still standing, YASSSSSSSSSS ONYX!! This is the only box I am subscribed to (at the moment), besides my Walmart box, which I get per season

So let’s dive right in and see what great goodies I got:

(From left to right)

DPHUE – Apple cider vinegar hair rinse, $5

I’ve used the Braggs brand on my hair before, but I’ve never heard of this one, so I am excited to use it.  It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve washed my hair, I am just going through a lazy phase, DON’T JUDGE ME!!

HAIRFINITY – Healthy hair vitamins, $12.50

I tried these vitamins about 5 years ago (it was the full size bottle).  I went to a hair show with my friend Heather and we received a free sample in our goodie bags.  It worked great and I had no complaints.  I was actually thinking recently, that I should stop with the Biotin, and just use the hairfinity vitamins (I also want to try Mane Choice vitamins as well) but we shall see

ZIAJA – Goat’s milk day cream, $12.99

I used this cream to moisturize my skin before applying my makeup, it’s not even funny how smooth and soft it is

SPECIFIC BEAUTY – Lighten & Brighten eye cream, $45

I will be using this everyday because I have dark eye circles and this should be the remedy.  It helps with dark circle, puffiness, and brightening skin. JACKPOT!!

PAREIK SKIN CO – Reface me serum, $26

I am a couple of drops away from finishing my previous vitamin C serum, so once that is done, this will be next in line

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