OK OK, I know that main photo may have been a bit much, but I had to give you all a visual of what to expect once you clicked on the title.  Wondering why I’m discussing a topic like this?  My friend Debbie sent me a link to an Afropunk article about this topic and said I should discuss it on my blog, so here we are folks.

So let me dive right into it, how many women let their underarm hair grow in?? Let’s get a bit more personal shall we? How many of you grow out your bikini area as well? If you do let it grow,are you comfortable with it?

Me, personally, I despise hair, I don’t care where it is.  I don’t like hair on my arms, legs, underarms, back, butt, ANYWHERE  hair can grow, I want NO parts of it.  Sometimes I walk around around looking as smooth as a baby seal.  I just feel like hair brings about sweat, which brings about smell, and I’m very serious about my hygiene regimens.  I sweat enough as is, I don’t need any extra hair to exasberate that, no thank you.

Now let’s be honest, we all know that during the winter months, when you’re wearing turtle necks and sweaters every other day, sometimes you may let the underarm hair grow out for a bit, just to get a break from shaving/waxing/nairing.  But what I just can’t see me doing is walking around flaunting a chia pet kind of fro like the one in the pic above and below. However, I won’t judge ladies who do, it’s your right and it’s your prerogative; as long as you and your significant other are comfortable with it, then that’s all that matters.

What are your thoughts on body hair?

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  1. I think it’s important that every woman knows she can be as smooth or furry as she likes. Some women, like you, prefer being “clean” for various reasons, whether that’s hygiene or beauty and that’s perfectly fine. Some women like looking “natural” or simply don’t want to bother with the pain of removing it all, which is also perfectly fine. Some women go through phases of both, and I think most of us are like that and everyone else needs to calm down and not tell us what they think looks “presentable” or appropriate.

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    1. yes it is definitely up to the woman, depending on what you like and how you like to feel. that’s why i said i don’t judge anyone, just not my preference. i would never tell anyone what is presentable when it comes to their body, that is none of my business lol


  2. Bruh, I am with you. I don’t like it for myself, but I don’t judge. I know it’s there for a reason, especially the bush below the belt, but I don’t care for it to get too foresty, if you know what I mean.

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  3. Well it seem to be the new movement today for women to grow out their underarm hair as a form of empowerment. What are they trying to prove? all i see is bad hygiene.

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      1. Wow. I thought the follicles would get a little more support. I think women are beautiful whether furry or shorn. I get the hygiene reasons, but hair grows where is grows for a reason. Millions of years of evolution have brought us here. Hair protects, cools and holds scent. Do I prefer hairy to bald? Depends on the girl. I come from an age when everybody had a bush. But trimmed and clean is always good. I was watching season two of a show called “Easy” on Netflix last night. There was an episode about a girl who wanted to dance burlesque, and she was sexy and her pits were hairy. I found it kind of hot. Like I was seeing something unique on a beautiful woman that was cool with the way she looked. I also liked that it looked a little wild and forbidden, and that’s always a turn on. But I’m a leg man and I love silky smooth legs.

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      2. trust me the follicles are getting support, because to each their own. I just don’t like hair, i like to look like a baby seal, lol. No judgement, just not for me. But there are some women who like to grow their hair out, and some men like you who approve of it and think it’s sexy.

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