I know my readers are used to clicking on my post and seeing what amazing products as well as amazing reviews I have, but alas, this is not the case.  I hate giving bad reviews but companies need to start taking accountability for their actions and their horrid customer service skills.

 So this is the skinny on my recent purchase:

I ordered 2 earrings from Endless Couture (website HERE)



I made this order on October 31st, then received an email saying that my items were shipped on November 10th.  No biggie right?? I realized about 5 days later after clicking on the tracking info they sent me, that there was no specific tracking info about my package.  It just said that my package is on it’s way to a facility; I order my fair share of products and I’ve never seen that before.

So on November 17th, I sent an email inquiring the whereabouts of my package, no answer.  I send another email on November 29th, (so now it’s been a month since I’ve ordered), and still no response to my first or second email.  Now I get a bit pissed off, I send a note via the company website, still nothing.  So by this time I am BEYOND pissed off, and I don’t care if I’m being petty, I then head to their Instagram page and post my grievance right under one of their pics.  Literally 6 days later I get a response via inbox that says: “sorry about that, I was locked out of my inbox.  let me know your name and email and I will check on your package”.

Then I receive an email saying that my item has been shipped and should be to me shortly, and she apologizes again.  What kind of unprofessional non-sense is this? Is that it? That’s the only response I get?  Really?  Then I “mysteriously” happen to get my package on Monday December 10th.  So for 2 pairs of earrings that were ordered on Halloween, I received them mid-December? That makes absolutely no sense, even if one flew to another country to get the parts, it STILL wouldn’t take that long.

If you weren’t sure where my package was, trust me that was fine, this wouldn’t be my first battle with USPS (they are the worst); I’ve lost quite a few packages over the years messing with them.  But what confuses me is, as a BUSINESS why didn’t I receive a response? And then when I did, she was so vague and nonchalant about it, like this isn’t a stream of income for her.  I was so confused!! I literally felt like I stalked her for my own package

I can’t deny that I’m a little annoyed that this happened especially since it’s a black owned business, because we already get so much flack when it comes to running businesses.  This one experience definitely WON’T stop me from purchasing from other black owned businesses, because ALL of them are NOT unprofessional the way Endless Couture has shown themselves to be. Lesson learned I guess!

Have any of you ever dealt with a situation like this??  Tell me your story

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  1. Girl! Point em out!
    I have not had an experience like that, but I had paid for earrings, saw the amount taken out of my PayPal but no confirmation email. So I give it a few days + email the designer directly and she is SUPER apologetic. She sent me a free pair for my slight inconvenience. I know many of these small businesses are a multiple hat wearing one woman show, but THAT is professionalism and how you keep your customers returning.

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    1. exactlyyyyyyyyy at least you got something out of it. I mean why couldnt i get and I’m sorry and you know what i hope I havent lost your business, for your next order, please accept this 15% off, or something like that. she was just like whatever, I guess I’ll send your earrings. we just have to do better!! And it was never the fact that i wasnt sure where my earrings were, it was the unprofessionalism about me not getting a response 4 times, but you still posting everyday on IG like shit is cool. why couldnt she post on IG “hey guys my email is acting up, so if I dont respond, please dont feel slighted, I am working on it asap.” so at least then people know the problem. that’s why i feel like that excuse was BS. but it’s cool cause she will never get my money everrrrrrrr again in life

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