So there I was scrolling on Pinterest when I came across a DIY growth eyelash serum, and I said why not?  My eyelashes are an ok length but of course I would love for them to be longer, who wouldn’t? So I decided to head to amazon to get the products I would need to start my DIY project.  I came across these:

This set included a 5 pack empty mascara tube with brush, a 5 pack rubber inserts, a 5 pack funnels and 5 pack transfer pipettes.  It was on amazon for $8

I bought the below oils from my local beauty supply (please note you can get them from wherever you’d like) and the aloe vera I already had in my closet.  I was thinking of getting the actual aloe vera plant to use for this but I got lazy.  I would love to try it eventually because I’ve heard great things about using the actual plant.

This is the final product; I apply it in the morning and at night before bed.  I occasionally use this on my eyebrows as well.  Have you guys ever made your own eyelash serum?  If so, what oils did you use?  I may want to switch things up next time.

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