I know Charlamagne can be a butthole sometimes (I find him quite entertaining), but he made some serious points in this video.  By this time I’m sure everyone has heard of Monique wanting viewers to boycott Netflix, because she claims they are gender and race bias.  So I’ll just leave my personal thoughts below since Charlamagne already hit the nail on the head:

  • Should she get more than $550K? I think so
  • Should she get $13 Million? Nahhhhhhhhhh chill son (in my Donnell Rawlings voice) LOL
  • Most decorated comedian alive?? Cmon Mo,  you know better than that, I won’t even linger on this statement
  • Not half, but a WHOLE boycott?  Does Monique even know how much cable is?? Netflix is like 12 bucks, STOP IT!!!
  • Will I boycott?  Hell no, hell I was watching Family Guy this morning before I left the house, I saw Katt Williams new special a couple of days ago
  • The fact that she’s asking for this, and I have sooooooo much left to watch in my list is just downright selfish, and I’ll never forgive her for this LOL

Check out the clip below and tell me your thoughts:

Don’t forget to click the volume button once you hit play, the video was acting a little wonky when I downloaded it

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  1. I love Mo and want her to win but she and her husband are standing in her way! Netflix offered her up to $3 million! They wanted her to audition and she refused so they offered her $500,000 instead. It makes me mad that she’s trying to pull the race and gender card when Netlflix has created so many shows and movies that allow our narratives to be told! So she can miss me with that!

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    1. I didnt hear about the 3 million until recently. I def thought she deserved more that 550k but I think she has to realize how they are running business now…it’s best on who is popping at the time, and I hate to say it but she not, sand thats not to take away from who she is or what she has done.

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  2. I for one am not about to give up my one little pleasure especially after cutting cable off…shoot they just renewed my monthly this past weekend..nope sorry Mo! There’s just too much going on on Netflix right now…just yesterday they “added a movie you might like” and guess what, i sure enough liked it when i got home from work loool

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    1. lmaooooooo I know right, she was reaching a bit with this one. Wanda Sykes just went to another network and got the money she deserved, Mo could have done the same thing, or as black women we can just start our own networks so we wont have this problem.


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