My second Boxycharm box has arrived and of course I’m as happy as a kid in a candy store.  I’ve heard from others how great the full size products look, but once you actually get them, you’re in disbelief, wondering: “Did they really give me these huge products for just $21?”

Take a look at my treats:


(from left to right)

Crown Pro – Glam metals palette, $25

I think this palette is the cutest, and soft to the touch.  I tested a couple of colors and they felt so smooth, I can’t wait to see how the application comes out on eyes. I also thought the guitar shaped mirror was super dope

Girlactik – Matte lip paint, $23

I tested this on my hand, and just from that I can tell that this wouldn’t compliment my complexion by itself.  So I may do an ombre kind of lip when using this, or mix it with another matte lip to get the color I like

Dr. Brandt – Pores no more luminizer primer, $38

I received a small size of this about 2 months ago from another subscription box.  I tried it and have been using it on my face anytime I do my face, so I’m excited that I received the full size

IT Cosmetics – Brow power universal eyebrow pencil, $24

I used this pencil twice and I love it.  When I first looked at the box and saw the color was taupe, I had some reservations but then I read that you just have to manipulate it a bit.  If you’d like a light brow, don’t push too hard (use soft gentle strokes), but if you like a dark brow (like myself) then you have to press hard to get the desired shade, which is why its actually called universal taupe.  I love this

PUR the complexion authority – Bronze & brighten cheek palette, $34

That shade to the left is a bit bright, so I can use that as eyeshadow (or on my fair skin clients), and the other 2 colors can get used as highlighter, contour/bronzer

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