I just realized while drafting this, that this will be my very first post for February; I’m coming into Black History Month with a black business post

Come through sweet black baby Jesus, AYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE
OK, let me be get back to why you’re here

I bought 2 lippies from the website PNKDIGGER

I purchased Sips Tea, and Spoiled brat, gotta love the names; after receiving them I realized they came in twist-up tubes (the ones that click when you turn it to the right).  There was nothing wrong with it, I just assumed that they would be in regular lipstick tubes.  I noticed a couple of years back that these kind of tubes never really have a lot of product in them.  By the time you click 20 times to get the product to finally appear for the first times, the twist up part of the tube is already near the top.  Maybe it’s just me, IDK

They were $9.75 each

I thought this note was super cute.  Just in case you can’t read it, Stephie (I think that’s her name) is thanking me for the order and saying how she loves my name, (which is Satin).  I love hand written sentiments, so personal and precious LOL

I did a look with Sips tea, but not with spoiled brat, I have to figure out a look for that one, because its a bit bright and velvetty.  So I may need to add a matte lip first and then add spoiled brat on top.

Products Used:

Primer: Dr.Brandt Luminizer Primer/Becca Ever Matte Perfecting Primer

Eyeshadows: BHCosmetics Wild & Free Palette/Urban decay VICE Palette

Eyeliner: Inglot 77 Black

Bronzer: Absolute NY Pro Bronzer

Setting Spray: BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Setting Spray

Setting Powder: MAC Mineralize Finish

Lips: BlackOpal Matte lipstick in misfit/PNK Digger in Sips Tea

Highlighter: Missy Lynn Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

Foundation: Lancome Sude 540

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