My February Boxycharm box is here folks, and this month’s theme is “Galaxy Glow”.  Take a look at my out of this world products.  Wow that was a little corny but I still like it.  LOL

(From left to right):

Naked Cosmetics – Holographic Highlighter Palette, $39.99

OK can we chat real quick about these amazing friggin highlighters??  Like who came up with this? Who’s idea was it?  Have they been compensated properly?  I need immediate answers because this is the TRUE definition of Galaxy Glow, and I am here for it.  I thought of at least 3 mermaid makeup looks I want to do using these colors.

PUR The Complexion Authority – X-Faux lips plumbing exfoliator, $17.00

I like this more than I thought I would.  It is very creamy, very smooth, and exfoliates great.  My lips felt amazing afterward.  I am used to using LUSH lip exfoliators and this one was less harsh, and lighter

Vintage Cosmetics – Smokey Eye Pencil, $21.00

Not much to say here, you have one smokey eye pencil you have them all right?

CoverFX – Shimmer Veil, $28.00

It was a long day when I opened the box and was trying everything out, that I thought this was a lip gloss.  I was so turned off – like nope nope this looks horrible, then I realized it’s actually a crease proof eye shimmer.  Go figure

Crown Pro – Trio Brush Set, $29.99

I can never use enough brushes, and I’ve received quite a few brushes from Crown Pro, their brushes are the best.  They are soft, manageable, and don’t shed when you wash them.


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