ONYX decided to get a little snazzy this time around and put all my goodies in this beautiful spring-like bag.  I love it, I already have makeup piled in it, I move quick, and I play no games when it comes to fun sized makeup bags.

Take a look:

(From left to right)

Library of Flowers – Bath & Body Set, $10

I have yet to use this but I plan on using it soon, it smells quite nice.  One is a scrub (the other is a body gel) which I love, because I try to exfoliate at least 3 – 4 times a week, to get rid of any dead skin I may have.

Jane Carter Solution – Healthy Hair Kit, $3

It’s been quite a while since I’ve used any of these products, so I don’t remember seeing this specific product in my local beauty supply store or in Target.  I’m quite sure it’s new, which is great because after trying this, if I like it, then I will most likely purchase more.

Morganna’s Alchemy Laboratories – Bellatox, $25

I’ve only used this twice, I don’t expect to see too much of a difference only because the product is so small, so I will be unable to see if the product actually works.  But then again I don’t have any wrinkles, so maybe this will beat them to the punch if any wrinkles are on the way  LOL

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Wild Lilac Shimmer Powder, $15

Oooooooooooooo the fun I will have with this.  I plan on using it not only on my eyes, but on my lips and as a highlighter as well.  I can guarantee that you will see this in my next Sache’t Slay post

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