Where did I hear about this?? Pinterest, of course, DUHHHHHHHHHHH.  Pinterest literally has any and everything DIY that anyone would need.  I’ve noticed that my teeth are a bit off-white and wanted to try a simple at home remedy to make them whiter.  I contemplated getting the whitening strips from places like Rite Aid/Duane Reade/CVS, but I’ve heard that the strips can sometimes weaken you tooth enamel , and I DON’T want that.

So I only needed 3 ingredients for this; Tumeric, Coconut Oil, and Baking Soda.  I used 1-2 tablespoons of all 3.  Kind of eye-balled it.

This is how it looks mixed together, you want a pasty substance that replicates actual toothpaste, so it shouldn’t be too thick or too thin/runny.

When doing this you need a completely different toothbrush because tumeric is known to stain anything it touches.  It is the absolute worst when it comes to that aspect.  So I floss first,  brush with this for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.  I then brush with regular toothpaste (I don’t trust NOT using regular toothpaste, so I do both), then I use mouthwash (mines has no alcohol in it because I can’t take that burning sensation),  then I use a tongue scraper to clean my tongue.

I will use this everyday for the next couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll see a difference in color.  Make sure to keep in a cool place, not the fridge though, I put mines there and it froze solid.  I was so mad I had to make a new batch.  Speaking of batches, this should last a while so you wont have to mix all ingredients together everyday.  Who has the time or energy for that? Not I said the cat

Have you tried this before?  If not, what teeth whitening do you use?

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  1. I thought the top photo was a Cheeto! And along with the title, I just knew this would be a joke of a post. I was wrong. Thanks for the tidbit. I’m excited to see the results.


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