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So let’s dive right into this eerie story line that is Orenthal James Simpson (yeah that’s right, I said his whole government). This past Sunday Night at 8PM, Fox decided to air “The Lost Confession” 2 hour special, that was apparently taped in 2006, but they somehow felt the need to display it NOW.  Why?  I’m not too sure, but if I had to guess I’d say to produce the cultural shock and awe that generates ratings when it comes to O.J. Honestly, I’m somewhat hesitant to even write a post about this man, because he (himself) doesn’t consider himself Black. But hey, the way he’s been treated these past couple of years, he appears Blacker than ever in my opinion. Let me explain…

The initial interview featured publisher Judith Regan, in which Simpson hypothesizes about how he would’ve murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and friend, Ron Goldman.  It was hosted by Soledad O’Brien, and featured footage from Simpson’s 2006 interview with Regan, with limited interruptions.  Also included, were domestic-violence awareness PSA’s and conversations between O’Brien and a panel of experts to discuss the interview.  Fox and others involved have all insisted that this piece is of vital importance in today’s era of #MeToo and #TimesUp. I call bullshit on this, but any who……

Fox has everything to gain from this program, since according to them, there are people who’ve been requesting/missing anything O.J. related, which I find really hard to believe because at this point neither White NOR Black people are team O.J (and haven’t been for a while).

Apparently, the Brown and Goldman families were notified by Fox about their intention to air the special, and the families gave their blessing to move ahead with the program.  They feel that the special makes O.J. look guilty, but what does that change at this point?  I’m all for families of murder victims finding peace and knowing that the killer will be put away for a long time, and getting the justice they deserve to sleep a little better at night.  However, are these documentaries, books, T.V shows, etc still necessary after all these years?  Especially since he can’t be charged again for the same crime he was already acquitted of.

There will forever be mumbles about this topic, Did he do it?  Did he have someone else do it?  We will never know.

Just because someone was NOT charged doesn’t mean that they are innocent, but haven’t the families been through enough without every 2-3 years having to be reminded of this horrific tragedy and hear shameless details of exactly HOW Nicole & Ron “would/could have” been killed?  That seems a bit asinine.  I’ll never understand why O.J. even thought this book/interview made sense to do in the first place, but then again he is egotistical, narcissistic and quite the psychopath, so in some ways it does make sense.

What are your thoughts?

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