This is my 3rd Boxy charm box, and my second time receiving an amazing eyeshadow palette.  I’ve had NOT ONE complaint about anything in any of my boxes, and this one is no different.

Take a look:

(From left to right):

Butter London – Double Decker Lashes Mascara, $20

I used this on a makeup look I did last night and it looked great.  If I choose not to wear lashes, this is a great alternative.

Pretty Vulgar – Make them Blush, $26

I don’t see me using this as blush, but as an eyeshadow, most definitely.  I will most likely use this on my clients.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company – Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set, $21

I love a good smokey eye, and having the right brushes to achieve that look is key.  I have to wash these first (that is a rule for me, all new brushes must be washed before they touch my face) and then I will have the smokiest sultriest look ever.

South Mane Beauty – Eye Gels, $9

I have not tried this yet because you need to sit 30 minutes with them on your eyes, and frankly I just haven’t had the time.  But, my eyes have been under some strain over the last 2 weeks, because of lack of sleep and removing my makeup, so I’ll need to use this soon.

PUR The complexion Authority – Eyeshadow Palette, $36

And here it is, this magical, sparkly, pigmented, beautiful palette by PUR.  I plan to have so much fun with this, I can barely stand it

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