I received a request to show the transition from a day look to a night look.  Let me just say that after looking at a couple of images on google/pinterest, I noticed that literally EVERYONE DOES THE EXACT SAME LOOK.  What I mean by that is, the day look is very simple including a light lip gloss, eyeliner wing and mascara; and the night look contains a burgundy/red lip and some black eyeliner added to lower lash line.  I found that so boring!  I just know I was NOT going that route because I don’t like to do what others have done, or what is seen as the “norm”, and if you are following me you should know I am way too extra for something like that.

Take a look at the day look:

I kept it very simple for the above look, by using a very lightweight foundation, I used a minimal amount of blush and highlight.  I wanted to keep the eyes neutral so I stuck with dark and light browns.  For my lips I did an ombre kind of look, but used neutral colors as well.

And now for the night look:

For this look I went VERY dramatic (which is like my middle name right?  lol).  I used a full coverage foundation,I contoured, concealed and drew in my eyebrows a tad darker (not too much), I used a holographic highlighter that I put on my cheekbones, my cupids bow, and on the bridge of my nose.  On my eyes I did a  cut crease with 2 different black shadows, grey and teal.  My lips were ombre, with black on the outer rim of the lip, and a grey matte lippie for the center.

If you have any looks you would like me to try or recreate, just send them my way

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      1. Right right. And I was thinking the same: day to night looks are almost always the same! Thanks for showing something simple yet unique.


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